MC(Tape 2,5  /  Pro-Tape 3)

Actum Inferni - Birth of Black Aeon (Tape)
-Hateful & Satanic Black Metal from Poland. 
This is the debut demo. 
Aesir - Final Holocaust (Tape)
-Re-release of debut album on Tape limited to 300 hand numbered copie.
Heathen black metal from Argentina!
Akolyytti - ...and from the Ashes I Rose (Tape)
-AKOLYYTTI are a true mistery, hailing from Finland they deliver 3 occult and evil blasphemies in the old vein of  the ancient masters Emperor, Gehenna, Satyricon and other blackest metal gods!

Amok - Necrospiritual Deathcore (Pro-Tape)
Limited to 150 hand-numbered, yellow pro-tapes.

Ancestors Blood - When the Forest Calls (Pro-Tape)
-epic and highly atmospheric pagan black metal. Powerful production, catchy and bombastic keyboard melodies and aggressive guitars and vocals. Ancestors Blood have more and more found an own identity, however still reminding of that old, typical Scandinavian sound.
Ancst - Taima (Pro-Tape)
-The third output in their drone/dark ambient series. "nightmarish post-apocalyptic sci-fi worship, laden with slowly oscillating drones and pitch black ambient soundscapes. a texture filled soundtrack to your personal armageddon." Released only in 100 hand-numbered white pro-tapes!

Archandrja - Zimowy brzask zwyciestwa (Tape)
-Slavonic Black Metal. Full-lenght album on tape.
Limitedto 444 hand-numbered copies!
Arkona - Zeta Reticuli (Tape)
-Pagan Black Metal from Poland. 
Official tape release of second album.
Ars Veneficium - The Abyss (Tape)
-Black metal from Belgium.
Limited in 100 handnumbered copies.

Aryan Blood - To Build an Empire (Tape)
-Cassette format of their latest release. 
Aske - Saatan Legio/Goatfuck  (Tape)
-Sanatic black metal from Finalnd. Compilation tape with their 2 first demos. 
Astarium - Atenvx (Pro-Tape)
-Astarium is back, with the 4th full lenght album called „Atenvx“! The Album includes 8 tracks and has a playtime of 35 minutes. SiN from Astarium creates whith the new songs a very greatmelodic, dark and atmospheric Black Metal Album! 
The album released lim. only to 66 items!!!
Autumn's Kingdom - Demo I (Tape)
-Great Atmospheric Black Metal from Russia with member Annorkoth - Skyforest. 
Debut demo limited only to 45 hand-numbered copies!!!

Autumn's Kingdom - Demo II (Tape)
-Great Atmospheric Black Metal from Russia with member of Annorkoth - Skyforest. 
Second demo limited only to 45 hand-numbered copies!!!

Barbatos - Straight Metal War (Pro-Tape)
-At long last, Japan's BARBATOS returns with their first album in nearly a decade, Straight Metal War! A prolific force on the split-release front, Straight Metal War is BARBATOS' fifth album to date in 17 years of existence.  Helmed by Abigail mainman Yasuyuki, BARBATOS have become cult legends in the metal underground with their uniquely filthy 'n' sleazy brand of blackened heavy metal/punk. Possessed by sex, drinks, and metal, Yasuyuki here extols the virtues of high school girls and heavy metal forces, Witching Metal and Tokyo rock 'n' roll shows, Satanik Holocausts and of course the very real Straight Metal War.

BELLVM - Notre Glorieux Panthéon (Tape)
-BELLVM is a young French Black Metal band from south of France (Montpellier), with KLLK'S and AVITVM'S members. This is a debut demo limited to 60 copies white tape, including a "pro-cover" four-pages booklet.
Besatt - Triumph of Antichrist (Tape)
-Tape version of the fourth album.
Pure satanic black metal with thrashing outbursts!

Blood of the Moon - Remnants of Forgotten Past... (Tape)
- 3 demos on one tape. Raw, cold and proud pagan black metal played 
in the old and forgotten style.

Bonehunter - Evil Triumphs Again (Pro-Tape) 
-All too appropriately titled, Evil Triumphs Again is a cryogenically frozen blast from the past, offering obeisance to debut-era Bathory in its unremittingly cavernous atmosphere yet resolutely punk-rocking thrust. BONEHUNTER hail all forms of evil and extol these virtues through simple, pounding metalpunk drenched in sulfur and sewage, each anthem crankier and catchier than the last. One listen through and these songs will NOT leave your head - and thus, Evil Triumphs Again!

Celestia - Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis (Tape)
-Aristocratic Ethereal Black Metal - Some of you waited for this album for so long. The Delhys–catess tape was an appetizer, but here you get the real thing. And good news, it's stronger than before. Now the synths now remains discreet and give their full place to other instruments and the unique voice of Noktu. Then we can fully realize that the band has matured and evolved but not lost its unique touch. Along these eight tracks, one can hear that it's not simply the old CELESTIA : while the melancholic and morbid spirit is still here, it's now supported by more ideas, more atmospheres, more variety, more acoustic parts, and more subtlety too. 

Concubia Nocte - Sekerou Perouna (Tape)
-The spirit of Slavonic and Germanic traditions are unified though the combination of symphonic folk elements and raw Black Metal. This Slovak band uphold the ideals of inner strength, virtue, and the heritage shared by Slavonic and Germanic paganism, forming an alliance between ancient pagan beliefs!

Concubia Nocte - Vlcou Krvou (Tape)
-Cassette format of last work this Pagan Black Metal from Slovakia.
Limited to 111 hand-numbered copies.

Darkeater - Блуждая по тёмной стороне (Tape)
-Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal from deep forests of Russia.
Debut EP limited only to 33 copies!!!

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Follow the Calls for Battle (Tape)
-Cassette version of debut album this unhonly black metal band from Poland. Limited to 666 hand-numbered copies!

Darkthule - Beyond the Endless Horizons (Tape)
-Debut album of this Hellenic Black Metal Band on cassette.

Deathhammer - Evil Power (Pro-Tape)
-The third strike is deadly: DEATHHAMMER are back with the massively anticipated Evil Power. An iron-fisted statement of intent in both title and execution, Evil Power proves that this Norwegian duo continue to get better with age, retaining their original youthful enthusiasm which endeared Onward to the Pits to so many the world over whilst pushing their songwriting toward more mature but no-less-deadly ends. Once again, DEATHHAMMER are firmly committed to their blackthrashing metal here, storming with vengeance as if 1985 never ended, braving nuclear winter and eternal devastation, but make no mistake: Evil Power is no repeat of past glories. Like those eternal bands who find a special sound and continue to expand it without losing their identity, DEATHHAMMER render Evil Power a rollicking ride through past, present, and future, at once rawer and more refined, more manic and also more measured - but always, always VERY METAL. Because when all is said and done, Evil Power will always prevail!

Decayed - Into the Depths of Hell (Pro-Tape)
-Portuguese old school Black Metal trio DECAYED have released their tenth and latest album. Includes 13 songs with Bathory cover "The Rite of Darkness" and comes limited to 100 copies.

Destruktor - Opprobrium (Pro-Tape) 
-At long last, DESTRUKTOR return with their highly anticipated second album, Opprobrium! The band's first full-length in six years, Opprobrium follows the warring black/death path laid out on their critically acclaim debut album, Nailed. Since 1997, these Aussie tyrants have been patiently honing a sound that seethes with the war-metalled fire their homeland's world renowned for, yet over the years finessed with an acute attention to propulsive, immediately memorable songcraft. Nowhere is this more pronounced than on Opprobrium. Across seven swift songs in a lean 'n' mean 34 minutes, DESTRUKTOR quickly whip up a fury that walks the fine line between chaos and control - neither too blackened, nor too deathly - maintaining the teeth-gnashing gnarliness of their early work whilst exhibiting a startling sense of clarity. That clear-yet-crushing production amplifies DESTRUKTOR's scabrous assault tenfold here, every track a heat-seeking missile until the penultimate closer, "Forever the Blood Shall Flow." Indeed it shall, as you prepare for the force of Opprobrium...

Einsamtod - Einsamtod (Pro-Tape) 
-The second masterpiece of melancholic black metal from Slovakia, featuring 
Nefastum from Tundra at the vocals. Carpathian black metal, black as pitch.
Pro-Tape limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

Elderwind - Magic of Nature (Tape) 
-Great atmospheric Black Metal from Russia. 
Cassette format comes limited to 500 copies. 

Entartung - Peccata Mortalia (Pro-Tape)
-8 Tracks of brilliant atmospheric and raw Black Metal, full of darkened melodies. Masterpiece ! handnumbered ProTape lim.100!
Epitimia - Memories Devoured by Noise & Echoes (Pro-Tape)
-Atmospheric / Post Black Metal from Russia. Limited Edition to 100 hand numbered copies in Cassette format with alternative Artwork.
Eternal Helcaraxe - To Whatever End (Tape)
-Debut mini-album re-released on tape in 2013. Five songs of Irish Black Metal
assault!!! Comes limited to 500 copies with five panel covers (include all lyrics).
Evil - Arktogäa (Tape)
-Pure war and heathen black metal from Brazil. 
Feigur - I, Pestilence (Pro-Tape)
-Reissue on Pro-Tape format of this cult atmospheric black metal
demo/EP which has been sold out for several years.
Feigur - II, Desolation (Pro-Tape)
-Pro-Tape edition for one of the best french atmospheric BM record. 
Excellent debut album! Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies.
Forgotten Wisdom - Nocturnal Meditation (Pro-Tape)
-Great raw and primitive Black Metal from Spain. This is a debut demo and comes limited only to 50 cppies. Recommended for fans of old Burzum, Forest, Branikald, Cosmic Church, etc...
FrostSeele - PRÆKOSMIUM (Pro-Tape)
-Atmoshperic Black Metla from Germany. Limited Edition to 100 hand numbered copies in Cassette format with alternative Artwork.

Gnieu - Darkworld of Old Legends (Tape)
-Slavonic Black Metal from Belarus. Mini-album EP'10 lim. 
to 320 hand-numbered copies!
Graveland - Thunderbolts of the Gods (Tape)
-Epic Battle begins! Hordes of Ragnarok Beasts are coming! Fight or die! Sword loves blood! Show your loyalty! Gods want to see you on the battlefield! Thunder chariots following on dark sky. This is the time of -Thunderbolts of the Gods-. Epic battle hymns born on battlefield! Five new songs full of pagan spirit and epic values. Music which is Anger of Gods!
Grieving Mirth - Calamitosvs Omine (Pro-Tape + Patch)
-Atmospheric Post-Black Metal (MEX/USA/UK). Limited Edition to 50 Cassettes. Includes Embroidered Patches 10x6,5cm.
Grimoire -  L'aorasie des spectres rêveurs (Pro-Tape)
-Although EP-length at four songs, L'aorasie des spectres rêveurs feels like a complete, total experience, bursting with windswept grandeur and icy-yet-fiery passion. GRIMOIRE might seem like a new band and thus L'aorasie des spectres rêveurs its first proper introduction to the international black metal scene, but the band is the sole vision of erstwhile Forteresse/Csejthe member Fiel. Professional duplicated tape and cover with blue metallic prints.

Hautakammio - Kukaan Ei Opasta Teitä Pimeässä (Tape)
-Cult and Primitive Black Metal from Finland. 
Debut album on Tape format limited to 65 hand-numbered copies!

Heathen - Heathen (Pro-Tape)
-Black Metal - Norway - Crepitant Vocals - Cold Traditions Up to Date - Jagged Riffage and Merciless Beats - Lo Fi Corruption - Get Banished to the Land of Ice Today. Limited to 150 copies on Gold cassettes!
Helvetespine - Frykten og mennesket (Tape)
-Painful, Distant and Dismal Black Metal from Norway, with it's etherial, cold and melancholic atmosphere similiar to STRID, FORGOTTEN WOODS and NARGAROTH's most haunted creations. A nightmare passage through the depression and torment. This is the long awaited return of the hateful spirit behind the dead ex-MARERITT project.

Hunok - Megrendithetetlenseg (Tape)
-After what seemed like a lifetime of winters and battles, Hunok's prophesied full length album is finally available. The barbaric sound of raw black metal and the ancient pagan battle winds will return you to the forgotten age of nineties, when darkness ruled and reminiscent curses were invoked from the Temple of the Fullmoon.
Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines... (Pro-Tape) 5
-INQUISITION, possessors of one of the most distinctive black metal sounds around, returns after a ominious, three-year slumber in the stygian depths with their highly anticipated fifth album, "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrososm." Revolving, as always, around the core duo of vocalist/guitarist Dagon and drummer Incubus, INQUISITION create fog-thick, utterly mesmerizing blackness with only two instruments and voice. "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm," amongst a discography already lined with classics, evokes blackest magick and esoteric mysticism, inducing trance-like states in even the sturdiest constitution - hail the "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm"! Recommended for worshippers of INQUISITION, because no one else sounds like INQUISITION.

Inquisition - Into The Infernal Regions... (Pro-Tape) 5
-ESSENTIAL cult Satanic masterpiece from the second wave of 90's Black Metal. Unlike many imposters from the same era, Inquisition is the true embodiment of Satan with a unique and characteristic style of Black Metal crafted over the past 20 years. Into the Infernal... now boasts a much better sounds quality (mastered for the very first time), and all new cover artwork painted by Antichrist Kramer. Hear a true black metal classic again, or for the first time. You will submit to this minimal-is-maximal monolith...

Invocation Spells - Descendent The Black Throne (Pro-Tape) 
-Bestial metal, blackthrash, and especially classic speed metal all get dumped into the duo's ever-bubbling cauldron, then shot forth with a filth 'n' fury that can only come from South America. The recording crucially finds the balance between fuck-off raw and clear/cutting, with each incensed-yet-impassioned note ringing out through the sulfurous haze before mangling the mind with quintessentially Chilean diabolism. At eight compact songs, Descendent The Black Throne wastes no time and demands repeat invocation, each galloping anthem spelling absolute possession. INVOCATION SPELLS descend the black throne and command obeisance...
Kalmankantaja - III (Tape)
-Depressive / Atmospheric Black Metal from Finland. 
Limited only to 75 hand-numbered copies!

Korpblod - Hymner (Tape)
-Debut demo of this great Heathen Black Metal band from 
Sweden re-released on tape limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
Korpblod - Uraldrig Samklang (Tape)
-Debut full length. Heathen Black Metal from Sweden.
Limited to 300 copies.
Klingsor - Realm of the Shades (Tape)
-Black Metal from Germany. Second demo limited only to 66 copies.

Kult Ofenzivy - Nauky.../Radikálni Ateismus... (Pro-Tape)
-Two albums on a single cassette. You know what to expect: Raw, fast and straightforward elite Black Metal with unique vocal performance and lyrics well grounded in philosophy. The profi-cassette includes a folded A4 cover and lyrics in English.
Kult Ofenzivy - Symfonie Oceli (Pro-Tape)
-Cassette re-edition of this classic Black Metal bestiality from Czech Republic. This time pro-duplicated tape edition with brand new cover design, strictly limited to 100 copies only. Raw, hateful and uncompromising BM in the veins of early Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Urgehal... with Nietzschean philosophy in lyrics.  

Kuth - De Ritu Gentilium (Pro-Tape)
-Great black art which summons the atmosphere of ancient rituals.
Comes out on pro-printed cassettes what contains five black metal 
anthems in 22 minutes.

Likvann - Vredeskrik (Tape)
-Debut mini-album on tape. Hateful black metal from Norway!

Malsaint - Eternal Reich (Tape)
-3 new songs of Raw Black Metal to praise the ancient against the modern world... 
Limited to 288 copies!!!

Moonknight - Valinor (Pro-Tape)
- Moonknight returns with a new album entitled Valinor. 
Raw, depressing and mournful Black Metal from US.
Myrd - Doeden Kalder (Pro-Tape)
-Demo tape hand-numbered limited to 50 copies. 
It's a small taste from upcoming album "Til Hel med dig og dine!"
Nattfog - Mustan Auringon Riitti (Pro-Tape)
-Cassette format of debut album this great Finnish Black Metal band.
Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

Navjarmaahr - Moonlight Rehearsal 2014 (Tape)
-After their amazing album entitled "The Fangs of the Shining Night" Navjarmaahr returns with a demo this demo release. 
Comes limited to 75 hand-numbered copies!
Navjarmaahr - The Fangs Of The Shining Night (Tape)
-..from the freezing winds, from the broken fragments of glacial night, from the shreds of the verses and songs... 
The Young Blood of Russian Black Metal... where the mighty oaks sing like old gallows...
The new wolfish chants ...and the masks of the ancient Gods are laughing in the eternal dark...
...Above the graves of thousand immortal ones... Behold... The Fangs of the Shining Night
Probably the most poweful album on whole Russian Black Metal scene during the last few years.
Nebul - Teutonicism (Tape)
-Heathen Black Metal from US inspired by German mytholigh and history. First full-length demo entitled Teutonicism. 
Four anthems of heathen black metal fury. Limited only to 50 copies!!! Exclusive distribution in Europe bu Nebular Winter Prod.!

Necrowhore - Malignant Orgies From Hell (Tape)
-Demo Tape Limited to 50. Black/Thrash Satanic Orgies From Greece with members of Human Serpent. 
For The Fans Of Carpathian Forest/Nattefrost , Celtic Frost , Darkthrone and Nunslaughter.
Negative or Nothing - Non metuit mortem, qui scit contemnere vitam (Pro-Tape)
-Negative or Nothing's first album. Great depressive Black Metal from Chile. 
Niedergang - Alámerülés (Tape)
-4th Niedergang demo recorded in Spring 2009, possessed by the 
Eternal Black Flame! Limited to 300 copies!
North - Korona (Tape)
-Cult pagan war Black Metal from Poland. Third album on tape.
Northward - In Sturmes Wind (Tape)
-Atmospheric black metal from the Netherlands. 
Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies. 
Highly Recommended!

Oath - Light of the Black Dawn (Tape)
-This is a debut release of band. 4 track EP with Troll cover. 
Atmospheric BM from Finland. Cassette comes limited to 77 hand-numbered copies.

Odal - Einst verehrt von allen (Tape)
-Cassette version of their mini-album. Amazing pagan/black metal from Germany!
Odal - ...Wilde Kraft (Tape)
-Cassette version of the second full album. Amazing pagan/black metal from Germany!

Omasum - Claim The Evil For Eternity (Tape)
-Unreleased album from this Spanish band featuring 8 songs of amazing 
Black Fucking Metal without compromise, Unleash the Celtiberian Wrath... 
Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies!

Pest - Vado Mori (Tape)
-Raw and grim Black Metal Necromancers. A tribute to the plague of the 
14th century, pure dark essence. Limited to 300 copies!

Power from Hell - Devil's Whorehouse (Pro-Tape)
-For over a decade now, Brazil's POWER FROM HELL have been something of a cult institution in the metal underground. Their four albums to date have been highly coveted for their unapologetic simplicity and sinister aura, and now longtime  step in to unleash their fifth album, Devil's Whorehouse! In many ways, Devil's Whorehouse is the perfect distillation of the POWER FROM HELL experience: immediately headbanging mini-anthems extolling the virtues of every evil, all draped in deliberately crude production that oozes atmosphere. Naturally, the band's moniker gives some clue as to where their allegiance and influences lay, but other "Class of '84" names like Bathory, Hellhammer, Japan's Sabbat, and very early Slayer should spell in no uncertain terms what kind of black METAL the duo of Sodomic and Tormentor favor most. But it's the ghostly yet still-aggressive aura surrounding Devil's Whorehouse that really sets POWER FROM HELL away from the pack, and closer to primitive isolationists like Countess, GRAVEWURM, and Canada's Megiddo. Enter Devil's Whorehouse and let the ancient ritual begin!

Profezia - The Truth of Ages (Tape)
-Tape version of the second album. Old school Black Metal with
members of (Angantyr, Abhor, Beatrik, Opera IX, etc...). 
Limited to 300 copies! 
Raven Dark - Autumn Roar (Tape)
-Raw Black Metal from Blazebirth Hall, finally exhumed from time and dust furious and barbarian as it is, the earliest demo recodings from mid 90's era, highly inspired by the pioneers of Norwegian Black Metal bands of that time. Incl. FOREST, BRANIKALD, NITBERG members.

Saturnian Mist - Saturnian Mist (Tape)
-The first demo from this beginning Finnish band offers us strong Black-Metal in the old French way (see FUNERAL, etc) or GRAVELAND on their The Celtic Winter era for the dynamics and also with a strong sense of dark melodies. Hints to their Luciferian path can be found on their lyrics that are included in the booklet, for those among you who still read them. 

Shadows Ground - Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons (Pro-Tape)
-The fourth album of these possessed blasphemers hailing from cold moors of Ukraine. Occult Underground Black Metal dealing with witchcraft, death and primary satanism. Their best album so far without any doubts. 
Profi manufactured cassette limited to 100 copies.
Sivyi Yar - The Dawns Were Drifting as Before (Tape)
-Slavonic pagan black metal with sorrowful poetry and mysterious atmosphere from Vyritsa, Russia. These are the songs about those who have gone into oblivion, the memories of whom has been lost. Sivyj Yar is an ancient Slavonic deity. This is the band's third album. 

Sivyi Yar - From the Dead Villages' Darkness (Tape)
-Loaded with nostalgia-laced, pagan, epic yet slightly depressive black metal, "From the Dead Villages' Darkness" is a stunner that should appeal to fans of Agalloch, older Alcest, Woods of Desolation and the like -- the melodic brand of black metal with folksy touches hits a sweet spot. This is a fourth and latest album!

Skull Fist - Heavier than Metal (Pro-Tape)
-Cassette version of debut mini-album. Amazing speed/heavy metal in tradional way! For fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Running Wild, Saxon etc... Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies!

Slavia - Strength and Vision (Tape)
-Tape version of debut full length this blasphemous black metal from Norway!

Stortregn - Evocation Of Light (Pro-Tape)
-The Album includes 9 Tracks and has a playtime of 40 minutes. The Band creates whith this new masterpice a brutal, melodic  atmospheric soundinthe art of true swedish Black / Death Metal like Dissection, Naglfar, Necrophobic... Released limited to 111 hand-numbered copies!
Sturmfolk - Nur ein Flügelschlag ins Dunkel (Tape)
-Pagan Black Metal from Germany. This is the second EP of Sturmfolk and comes limited to 99 copies.
Sturmfolk - Von dunkler nordischer Schönheit (Tape)
-Pagan Black Metal from Germany. 
Debut EP limited to 100 copies.

Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn (Pro-Tape) 5
-The glorious return of a legend - SUMMONING! Seven long and agonizing years have finally come to an end, as "Old Mornings Dawn" - the highly anticipiated new album by the cult band. SUMMONING's Epic Black Metal is the perfect soundtrack for a world filled with legendary characters, massive strongholds and breathtaking landscapes. "Old Mornings Dawn" marks the glorious return of a band, who has already become a legend in its own right.

TKNKNTJ - 2008 - 2009 (Pro-Tape)
-Two long-lost demos from underground Finnish black metal band TKNKNTJ finally get the proper release they deserve on cassette. Channeling the power of the Scandanvian wilderness, these demos draw upon the best aspects of Finnish black metal tradition.
Total Hate - Depopulating Planet Earth (Tape)
-Debut album of the German Black Metal stronghold. 7 raw black metal tracks.

Inverted crosses, pentagrams, burning candless, black leathers and devil worship! 
Includes bonus track from the split 7" with Yersinia.

Triumph, Genus - Jiné se dnes má mými světy rozléhat (Tape)
-This is not a new material from TRIUMPH, GENUS but two tracks originally released on 3 way split with SATOR MARTE and VINDORN. Most of you know what to be expected. Raw, straightforward, striking and elite Black Metal with genuine and original vocal performance of Jaroslav, known from KULT OFENZIVY horde. Profi-manufactured and duplicated cassette limited to 100 copies..
Triumph, Genus - Vsehorovnost... (Pro-Tape)
-Fast, elitist and straightforward Black Metal with essential riffs and atmosphere reminding mighty Nemesis Divina sound mixed with ferocity of early CRAFT. Great vocal performance is also the mark of singularity of this album. Profi manufactured cassette limited to 200 copies.

Urgewalt - Traumweber I (Tape)
-Atmopsheric Black Metal from Germany. 

This is a tape version of debut full length!
Limited to 100 copies.

Utstott - Legender Odin (Tape)
First release for this solo Project from Portland (USA).
Pagan / Viking Black Metal for Fans of Windir, Summoning, etc....
Tape limited to 150 hand-numbered copies!
Vermine - Agonie D'Une Nation (Tape)
-Cassette format of debut album this Heathen BM 
band from France. Limited to 288 copies!

Vrag - Bánaterdo (Pro-Tape)
-Debut full length in Tape format. 
Atmospheric Black Metal from Hungary. 
Vrag - Öröktéli éjszakák (Tape)
-Demo tape limited to 100 copies. Atmospheric Black Metal from Hungary. 

Vollmond - Rituals of Conquest (Tape)
-The second album of bleak Black Metal from Vollmond is a significant progression from their debut. Features members of Blaze of Sorrow, Tundra, Apathia, ex-Kaiserreich. Mastered by Magnus Devo Andersson of Marduk.Highly Recommended!

Vspolokh - Sorrow of the Past (Tape)
-Debut album of this amazing Pagan and Heathen Black Metal band from Russia! Hightly recommended!!!


Winterdemons - The Darkest Storm (Tape)
-Pure cold & grim black metal from Greece in the veins of
old Immortal and Darkthrone. Tape comes lim. to 300 copies.

Witcher - Nema Gyasz (Tape)
-Atmospheric Black Metal from the deep Hungarian forests. Limited to 300 
hand-numbered copies.

Wolfhowl - The Purity of Mother Nature (Tape)
-Pagan Black Metal from Greece
Limited in 100 hand-numbered copies.

Wolfsschrei - Demons of my inner self (Tape)
-Wolfsschrei strikes back with the second full-length album. Seven devastating songs equipped with a raw production that carries on the sound of the early 90ies mark this grim attack of German Black Metal.
Limited only to 55 copies!

Wolfsschrei - The Unknown Spectre Of Evil (Tape)
-Acting as a three-piece on this release, the band has recorded an introverted manifestation of wrath and contempt, which is "The Unknown Spectre Of Evil".  
Limited only to 55 copies!

Yaric Ovich - A Place Of Solitude (Tape)
-Great Atmospheric BM from Ukraine! 
Limited only to 33 hand-numbered copies!!!