CD(Digi-CD 7 / CD 6 / MCD 4,50 / CD-R 3) 


Abazagorath - The Satanic Verses (CD)
-Newest full length from USBM legends Abazagorath "The Satanic Verses." A crushing and powerful release, featuring the best this long running black metal band has to offer. 
Abyssgale - Hegemon (CD)
-A piercing wind is blowing from Greece, generated by the quartet named Abyssgale. 
Their cold black metal lashes our faces and overwhelms everything on its way with impetus. 
This is a debut album and comes ltd to 500 copies!

Adhuk - Rituals of Personal Universe (CD)
-Black Metal from Poland featuring former members of Algor.
Debut full length, limited to 500 copies.

Aeon Winds - On the Way to Oblivion (CD)
-You already know this band from successful splits with Troll or Midnight Odyssey, but „On the Way...“ is a compendium of debut album „Those Who Will Remain Silent Forever“ and re-mastered demo „Aeon“ plus one previously unreleased song recorded specially for this compilation CD. Almost 80 minutes of essential atmospheric Black Metal mixed with dream-like ambient. Highly recommended for fans of early Emperor, Limbonic Art, Troll, Dimmu Borgir...

Aether Vitrum - Bellum Iustum (Pro-CDr)
-German underground epic Black Metal! Special limited edition 
only to 30 items! Includes A4 Poster, Postcard and Sticker!

Amezarak - Daemonolatreia (CD)
-Pure evil Black Metal from this Russian band. Recommended!

Amezarak - Ritual (CD)
-Debut album this Raw and evil black metal band from Russia.
Anachoret- Horizont (MCD)
-Debut mini-album by this great post Black Metal band from Germany.
Ancestors Blood - Return of the Ancient Ones (CD)
-Atmospheric and diverse esoteric heathen black metal album, sometimes reminding of Dimmu Borgir's "Stormblast" and Osculum Infame's first album, yet should also appeal to fans of Summoning for it's epic and bombastic sounds. Originally released in 2007, it's been out of print and unavailable for a couple of years now, so we repressed a few copies. Get it now if you haven't already. 
Ars Veneficium - The Abyss (MCD)
-Cruel melodic black metal darkness from Belgium to lead you
further down into the abyss of Hell! Debut EP Ltd to 500 copies.

Aryman - Plugawe Dziedzictwo (CD)
-Debut album this true Satanic Black Metal band from Poland.

Astarot - Raw Sensation of Nostalgia and Nihilistic (CD)
-70+ minutes of Atmospheric & Depressive Black Metal.
The soundtrack to your next suicide attempt

Athos - Crossing the River of Charon (CD)
-Second full-length by Hellenic Black Metal band Athos. 
Auðn - Auðn (CD)
-This is debut full length of Icelandic Black Metal band Auðn.
Album includes 37 minutes created by Cold, Grim and Epic atmospheres.
Recommended for fans of Bathory, Drudkh. old Immortal & Primordial.
Australasia - Vertebra (CD)
-Post Rock / Post Black metal from Italy. The album includes 10 songs and comes with a 4 pages booklet. Limited to 500 copies on CD. 

Autumn's Kingdom - Autumn's Kingdom (CD)
-Great Atmospheric Black Metal from Russia!

Azel's Mountain - Azel's Mountain (MCD)
-Cult and heathen Black Metal from Poland! 
Including Darkthrone cover "Transilvanian Hunger".
Baptism - Evil Mysteries (CD)
-Finally for the first time. CD version of magnificent "Evil Mysteries" 10". 
Including already classic anthem Azazelin Tdhti ! 

Betula - To the Fearless, Merciless, Immortal Ones (CD)
-Pagan Black Metal from Ukraine at his best!

Black Cilice - Summoning the Night (CD)
-2nd full-lenght from the occultist entity named Black Cilice. Black Cilice comes from the depths of the Portuguese scene and has been releasing several cryptic limited releases, featuring a very personal way of raw Black Metal, mixing total chaos with a sense of epic melody, of transe-inducing Black Metal, based on death, the dead and witchcraft rituals. Recommended only for those able to feel Black Metal beyond reason and beyond music itself.
Black Lakes - Sorrow (CD)
-Crusaders go leaving behind another burnt Slavic jail. Detachment of warriors returning from a campaign on the ashes, sent following the invaders to avenge for their families and their native land. The final slaughter is coming... Conceptual, atmospheric and sad music story in firm Black Lakes style, diluted interesting sound surprises. Album contains by a beautiful 12-page booklet.

Blodarv - Gâst (CD)
-Second full length of this Danish act. Unholy Black Metal at his best for fans of early Darkthrone, Ancient and Angantyr!
Blutklinge - Call of the Blackened Woods (Digi-CD)
-Insane underground black metal, over fourty minutes of pure German melancholy, limited round digipak version with an upgraded layout and bonus 'Einsamkeit' track.

Blutklinge - Reflection Of A Bleack Mind (Digi-CD)
-Re-Release on digipack CD of this great german depressive Black Metal Band.
Bonjour Tristesse - Par un Sourire (CD)
-Debut full length of project from Heretoir member. Introspective and melancholic throughout.
Briargh - Eboros (CD)
-Third and new album of this Pagan/Black Metal one-man-band from the north of Spain. An opus created to his land and protoCeltic culture. Epic melodies, great sound and an atmosphere full of sadness.
Caruos - Metempsychosis (CD)
-Heathen Black Metal from France.
Casus - "in aeternum" (Pro-CDr)
-Pure underground depressive Black Metal from Germany.
This is limited (blue) edition and comes only in 20 copies!
Includes sticker as extra stuff.
Celtefog - Deliverance (CD)
-The debut album of band from Greece. In their music they
combine such styles as Black metal, Atmospheric black metal,
Ambient. Music of Celtefog is hypnotic and beautiful.
Cepheide - Respire (Digi-CD)
-This is an astonishing record of Atmospheric Black Metal.
Listeners of Ash Borer, Wolves in the Throne Room and Darkspace would appreciate.
Cry of Silence - Walking Through The Eternal Tragedy (CD)
-Amazing debut album by this Greek band. Depressive Black Metal
for fans of Nyktalgia. Abyssic Hate and early Burzum.
Darkthule - Arktoy Oryge (CD)
-Raw Hellenic Black Metal. Compilation of old stuff including the 
7" eps "Revolution of Souls" and "In the Sight of Dawn".
De Profundis - This Winter In My Heart (CD)
-Atmospheric Black metal with Avantgarde & Neofolk elements from Hungary. Hightly recommended! 
Depressive Years - Failing to Confront Suicidal Thoughts (CD)
-Only release by this mysterious and short-lived US black metal act. Great torturous depressive atmosphere!

Dizziness - Offermort Heritage (CD)
-Dizziness 1st full length album warlike riffs,epic feeling, nostalgic melodies which them will remind you the glory days of the Hellenic Black Metal The CD contains 9 Tracks and will be released in 500 limited copies!
Djevelkult - I Djevelens Tegn (CD)
-Cold, grim and fast Norwegian Black Metal in the 90’s way. For fans of old stuff of Mayhem, Dhodheimsgard, and with some similitudes with Kampfar, Satyricon and Isvind.
Dodsfall - Inn i Morkets Kongedomme (CD)
-Second album from this excellent norwegian black metal alliance.
Mastered by Devo Andersson.
Drama - Winds Choir Opera (CD)
-Cold and melodic Black Metal from Russia. This is a debut full length and comes in jewel case with 12 pages booklet. Includes bonus track "Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss" by Immortal.
Winter Eternal - Winter Eternal (CD)
-Atmospheric Black Metal from Greece. Limited In 300 copies! There is a misprint in this release...a track title is written upon disk on CD that is not in the album. It is the last track, a cover in Dissection's "Night's Blood"...

Dunkelheit - Mors Aeterna (CD)
-Great Misanthropic Black Metal from Hungary. After 4 years now finally their second full length album is here!
Eisflammen - In the Element... (CD)
-Return of Spirit of Elderwind composed in new band! Atmospheric black metal with post black metal components, dominates raw black metal sound with some motives of military, middle temp and shrill vocal. Minimalistic grey & black winter design booklet contains interesting dominantly nature & pagan themes texts on Russian language.
Endless Battle - Шляхами безодні (CD)
-Bloodfrozen Hymns of Black Metal War! 
Second album from True Ukrainian Battlefields! 
Evil  (Bra) - Ashes of Old (CD)
-The new full length album of brazilian most hated band of all times is now available. This is the 20th Years War Memorial album, featuring old and new songs composed during 1994 and 2013. Featuring guest appearances of Newton Schneer from LEBENSESSENZ (intro) , JFN (poetry on Into the Bottomless Pit) and Azgorh from DROWNING THE LIGHT (vocals on "Ashes Of Old"). 50 minutes of nothing but Holocaust Black Metal, in its orthodox essence, as it must be!
Evil (Bra) - Where the Sun was Never Born / Twilight and Mourning (CD)
-This is a compilation of two splits, "Twilight and Mourning" was released with the Japanese in the LONE SUFFER split LP version limited to 150 copies, while "Where the Sun Was Never Born" was taken from the split CD with Drowning the Light, already sold out long ago! Both recordings were remixed in 2013. 
Evil (Svk) - Studňa (CD)
-Second album of the Slovakian Evil finally out. This album once again affirms the higher level of musical creativity, lyrical indenpedence and individuality of this band. Sumberge into the Black Metal darkness of The Well and inhale the stench of Death lurking in the murky bowels of the abyss on nothingness. 
Fluisteraars - Luwte (Digi-CD) 
-CD in handcrafted gatefold sleeve made of heavy grey recycled card stock. Blending the welcoming, epic affair of their debut album "Dromers", with more harsh and biting effort's more reminiscent of 90s black metal, Luwte captures the band from a slightly different, yet none less qualitative angle. While the band had already shown their effective vigor with time stretching melodic and edgy grandeur, this second album is very much the more ferocious finished extension to it. 

From the Vastland - Blackhearts (MCD)
-From The Vastland's music and lyrics are influenced by Persian history and mythology, ancient, epic stories of good and evil, battle between light and darkness, myths and legends combined with atmospheric, blast-beating, old school Norwegian black metal.
Frost (Hun) - ...From the Dark (CD)
-After 7 years the Hungarian project Frost returns with their new full length in traditional black metal sound!
Frozenwoods - Echoes Of The Winterforest (CD)
-Forest black-metal from Siberia. Raw and cold for fans of IMMORTAL, GEHENNA and DRUDKH.
Funeral Oppression - The Prisoners of Life (CD)
-Serious debut from a young band from Russia. Interesting varied musical material, executed in post black basic style, strong emotional background is unlikely to leave without impression and feelings. Life, loneliness, madness, nihilism, philosophical thoughts, deep gloomy atmosphere of hopelessness, from calm to hysteria. Album "The Prisoners of Life" available on CD from February 24! This CD highly recommended to all fans of different atmospheric music styles, post rock, post metal, post black, shoegaze, atmospheric and depressive black metal.

Geimhre - Mollachd (CD)
-Re-released edition of debut album. Heathen Black Metal from Canada.
Grieving Mirth - Calamitosvs Omine (CD)
-Excellent Atmospheric Post Black Metal from this International band.
Grue - Casualty of the Psychic Wars (CD)
-Debut full length from this USBM band. Despondent melodies surface and fold in on themselves bringing to mind a middle ground of early Gorgoroth and Brave Murder Day era Katatonia...Grue's initial album is a forlorn and frozen journey across arctic tundra, so cold and barren. This is the true face of American black metal.

Highly recommended!
-Carrying the name ”KISIKILLILLVKX” EP released on Digipack limited to 500 copies. 
This will hopefully give a little taste of the new Hämys before we release our full-lenght. EP contains 3 most recently recorded tracks!

Hautakammio - Pimeyden valtakunta (CD)
-Cold and Grim Black Metal from Finland. Forged with relentness coldness, hate & winter darkness for fans of early Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth etc. Deabut full lenght limited to 500 copies!
Hel - Into the Abyss( CD)
-This is a debut album album this occult Black Metal band from Germany. Recommended for fans of old Watain, Ofermod, Malign etc...
Hel - Tempter (MCD)
-The second ritual from the german Black Metal Band "HEL" released on CD limited to 500 copies.
Helvetespine - Forheksede Visjoner (digi-CD)
-Second full length of this Depressive Norwegian Black Metal act.
Recommended for fans of Burzum, Forgotten Woods and Strid. 
Heresiarch Seminary - Dark Ages of Witchery (CD)
-Debut full length of this cold and raw Black Metal band from Russia!
Highly Recommended!
Heresiarch Seminary - Whirlwind of Wild Hunt (CD)
-Heresiarch Seminary is a blackened pagan /atmosphericMetal band from Russia and returns with epic andmighty Whirlwind of wild hunt, the second full-lenght! When realms of mortals fall into the longest nights, Whirlwind of wild hunt rushes over sky!

Hermitage - The Stone Raven (CD)
-Third album this British Hammer Black Metal band.
Recommended for Bathory fans!

Hrizg - Individualism (CD)
-Isolationist black metal cult HRIZG makes its long-awaited return with “Individualism”. Ever aptly titled, “Individualism” sees this one-man band perfecting his iron-willed, iron-clad craft, contorting the otherworldly mysticism of ancient black metal to his own design. Enter the realm of “Individualism”...

Idisenfluch - Verganglichkeit (CD)
-Debut album. Idisenfluch plays German depressive black metal.
CD comes limited to 500 copies! Highly Recommended!!!
Infinity - Back to the Source (CD)
-Aggressive yet melodic Black Metal from The Netherlands.This CD
contains 5 new and re-recorded tracks with  killer sound as well as
covers of Darkthrone, Immortal and Bathory. This CD can be seen as an appetizer for their new full length album later this year. Also contains two videoclips. Limited to 666 copies!!!

Insane Vesper - Abomination of Death (CD)
-After the EPs "Twilight of Extinction" & "Therefore, He Shall Consume", the bearers of His plague and death are back with their first full length intitled "Abomination of Death"... Eight new hymns of a decadent & filthy Black Metal to glorify the dead and the might of the black gods, devourers of the every lives and all its beings... For fans of Inquisiton, Mgla, etc...
Isolfur - Pfad des Canis Lupus (Digi-CD)
-Great Paganism Black Metal from Thuringia. 
Debut full length on Digipack!
Khladnovzor - White Labyrinth (CD)
-Debut solo album after two splits one man project Khladnovzor.
Depressive / Atmospheric Black from Russia!
Korium - Spoor of the Wolf "retrospective collection 2003 – 2013" (Double CD)
-Grim, cold and eerie Black Metal with ambient touches hailing directly from Cachtice (Csejthe) village. Expect really original and haunting music with torturing vocals from the other world and tunes enshrouded in monumental yet vile atmosphere. This release is retrospective collection with rare and hard-to-find tracks from various demos, splits and EPs. Released as double CD limited to 500 pieces.

Kozeljnik - Null: The Acheron of Multiform Negation (MCD)
-Once again Kozeljnik delivers some of the bleakest black metal to
express just how void and shallow are existence truly is. This is a natural progression from "Deeper The Fall" and also retains the bands
trademark style. FeaturesNiklas Kvarforth of Shining as guest.
Kres - Na krawędziach nocy (CD)
-Debut full length this Atmospheric Black Metal band from Poland with members of Stworz & Wedrujacy Wiatr.
Kroda - GinnungaGap GinnungaGaldr GinnungaKaos (Digi-CD)
-HelCarpathian Black Metal! 5th and latest full-lengh. 
Comes in high quality 3 panels digipack with 22 pages booklet.
Kroda - Schwarzpfad (Digi-CD)
-Schwarzpfad is more into Black Metal than before, but it is still Kroda like they are loved or hated. 
The CD released as luxurious Digipak Edition with partial UV-Lack printings and 20page booklet. 
HelCarpathian Black Metal!!!

Lamúria Abissal - O Último Descanso Finalmente Lhe É Concedido (CD)
-Pure Depressive Black Metal Art from Brazil.

Lascar - Absence (CD)
-Atmospheric Post Black Metal from Chile.
Limited Edition to 100 Jewel Case Copies!!!

Lebensabend - Blood is Always Nameless (CD)
-Hateful Black Metal from Russia with depressive touches!
Highly recommended!!!
Likvann - Furet og Vaerbitt (CD)
-43 minutes of Raw Norwegian Black Metal. After 3 demo/ep releases, Skabb and his Likvann return with their first full-length: “Furet og V?rbitt”. It’s still lo-fi, nekro & true to the core of Likvann. There’s nothing polished or pretty at all about this release, it is grim and cold as it should be. Here we have 9 songs including 2 covers, “Mellom Bakkar og Berg” and the Norwegian translated “Pestdans”, originally by the German band Absurd.

MEDO - Marteria Negra (CD)
-Medo is a rare and lucky find, they convey the perfect blend of melodic yet grim and basic black metal, thrash, and even pscyhedelic styles to give one of the most genuine portrayals of psychedelic black metal and capture the classic horror film genre in sound and atmosphere! This is their debut full length!!!
Mirkhall - Heathen Hearted (CD)
-Finnish Pagan Black Metal. Compilation of the demos "Winter of Tragedies Reign" (2000) 
and "Ring to Rule" (1998), plus a rehearsal bonus track.
Mirkwood - Mirkwood (CD)
-Atmospheric Black Metal from US. 
Compilation with all demos.
Missa Mortvm - Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis... (CD)
-Debut full length of Occult Black Metal band from Chile! 
Moloch - Abstrakter Wald (CD)
-75+ minutes of freezing cold/depressive Black Ambient. Rare material 

that was previously only available on limited cdr & cassette pressings.
Includes all new artwork + exclusive bonus track.
Moloch - Verwustung (CD)
-Last album of this Black Metal/Ambient band from the Ukraine!

Moontower - Voices of the Unholy Land (Digi-CD)
-True underground black metal veterans return! New excellent album of 2012. Guest appearance of  Xaos Oblivion and Graf Gog von Magog. Beautiful digipack with a 8-page booklet. Great edition! 

Nazghor - Through Darkness and Hell (CD)
-New and third album from this amazing Unholy Black Metal band from Sweden!! 

Anti-cosmic Black Metal in praise of Satan. Cold and melodic pure Swedish style.

Nazghor - Diabolical Teachings (CD)
-The Satanic Realm return again with their fourth full length! Album includes 10 new hymns in Cold and Melodic pure Swedish style. Lim. to 500
Nordfrost - Naturgewalten (CD)
-The first album originating in Hochwald, Germany appears in May 2015. Nordfrost already convinced their fandom with numerous live gigs and their Split CD (2011) in cooperation with the band Pure Scorn. They present themselves even stonger with their new album Naturgewalten (‘natural forces’). Real German Pagan Black Metal is thrashed brutally into the listeners heads and stays there.
Nakkiga - Belebeltzeta (CD)
-First full-length album of this Spanish band that plays a hundred per cent underground black metal, archaic, raw, with a very peculiar dirty sound, full of distant atmospheres, cold as ice...
Nakkiga – Amerasu (CD)
-Amerasu is a conceptual album based in the books Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams, it tells us the story of Amerasu, the first grandmother, and his sons, the Sitha, how they spread them in harmony with Nature until the arriving of the humans who bring the war, how the Sithas are divided in two families, Sithas and Nornas, and how the second ones plot their vengeance against the humans in the belly of Nakkiga... an epic story that the Spaniards translate into music in a totally amazing way, with a raw pagan black metal full of strength and fury, hundred per cent personal, with so many details and different shades...
Nakkiga - Amaieraren Hasiera (CD)
-With last year's Amerasu still hot, Basque Courty's own Nakkiga return with six new hymns of Black Metal mastery. Epic, intense and majestic as usual, Amaieraren Hasiera takes the sound and experience of 15 years in the underground to a whole new level. In fact, it's undeniable the spanish trio never sounded so fierce and charisma. Comes in a jewel case CD, with 8 pages booklet, limited to 500 copies!
Namter - Il Rifugio Della Creazione (CD)
-After ten years from "Hostis Humani Generis" behold the debut full album from the land of the Marsi. 8 tracks of icy and atmospheric Black Metal, summonig the isolated high peak of spirit and body.

Nordland - Songs of Regression (CD)
-Third full length. Bathory-esque UK Black Metal. Limited to 500 copies.

Nordmen - Vertus Guerrieres (CD)
-Melodic Heathen Black Metal from Quebec that reminds the early brilliant albums of Graveland. Athros (Forteresse, Ephemer...) creates a natural atmosphere, straight from the heart in a promising debut. 
North - Demo'ns Of Fire 93/94 (CD)
-Long awaited compilation with legendary NORTH demos! 
Pure original form without remastering or any others changes.

Northern Hate - Hypothermia (CD)
-Northern Hate's debut album Hypothermia is finally unleashed!

Traditional Grim German black metal!!!
Includes 12 pages booklet with great artwork.
Nostalgie - Dead Memory (CD)
-Sombre and depressive Black Metal with members of  Nocturnal Depression, Black Hate and Happy Days. Includes Alcest cover.
Nox - Manifestaciones De La Eterna Noche (CD)
-The darkness of the night attacks the celestial light with nine acts of cold and primal Black Metal in the ancient vein. Unholy evocation of the universe forcescanalized by nocturnal sulfurous emanations of melancholy, hate and misanthropythat strikes directly in Nazarene face! for Armagedda, Vargsang, Darkthrone, Stutthof... followers 
Nox Illunis - Metempsychosis (digi-CD)
-Black Metal lunar poetry & night drenched darkness from Italy. Traditional intense Black Metal with atmospheric & melodic moments. Ltd to 500 digipacks.
Nox Interitus - Embrace of No Return (CD)
-Agressive and satanic Black Metal from Italy! 
This is a debut full length and comes to 500 copies.
Oath - Saatanan myrsky yllä pyhän maan (CD)
-Debut album of melodic Black Metal from Finland. 
Traditional '90s style with a medieval atmosphere. 
Limited to 500 copies.
Old Throne -  O Novo Mundo Pagao (CD)
-Primitive Black Metal from Brazil.
Limited in 500 hand-numbered copies!

Omega - The Hell Patrol (CD)
-Finally, the long waiting is over! Prepare for the second full length
record of the well known hellish Rock 'n' Roll freaks OMEGA!
One Master - The Quiet Eye of Eternity (CD)
-Second full length from USA based Black Metal band One Master. Orriginally self-released in June of 2009, CD was reissued in February of 2013. "It essentially walks a fine line between being old school and being original, successfully capturing the necessary nuances between substance and style that separates a good Black Metal album from being either a monotonous pile of noise or a disjointed merging of clashing styles. Those who want a good USBM album in a fairly similar tradition as that of JUDAS ISCARIOT will definitely want to look into this.

Open Hell - In Gloria Aeterna Tenebrae (CD)
-Remastered, and re-mixed tracks from 1st demo album. Studio material from 2005 finally on CD. 
Outstanding vocals of X.O. Raw and brutal material, a must have for fans of Polish black metal. 
Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Ostots - Heriotzaren bidezidorrak (CD)
-Debut full length on CD format. 
Raw melodic Black Metal from Spain. 
Hightly recommended!!!
Panychida - Grief for an Idol (CD)
-The album features bagpipes, choirs,clean vocals, and even a guest appearance from Vganor [of HELHEIM/TAAKE]! With mixtures of raw melodic death metal to black n' roll all on one album this is the bands strongest and most focused song writing to date along with their most powerful production to really make the material hit hard. Panychida easily stakes their claim for their own brand of Pagan/Black Metal!!! 
Paths - beauty and nihility (CD)
-Second album of this Canadian band. Almost one hour of deep Athmospheric Black Metal! 
Psychonaut 4 – 40 % (CD + DVD)
-This is a re-release of debut demo this Black Metal / Depressive Rock band on CD format. Comes with bonus DVD ( official video & live concert ). -The title refers to the common alcohol percentage of vodka- 

Rabenholz - Akt I - Auf Welken Schwingen (digi-CD)
-Underground german Black Metal in traditional way 
of old scandinavian scene!
Raventale - Mémoires (CD)
-Gold Atmospheric Black metal from the Ukraine!
Compilation with old re-recording songs + 1 new.
Rexor - Ut Humanitatem Caedant (CD)
-Brand new full length of Italian Black Metal from the mighty Rexor! 
Limited to 500 copies.
Root - Kärgeräs (CD)
-Epic Dark Metal. Truly one of the most innovative bands to ever exist in the underground metal scene and in the metal genre as well!!!!!  This also has to be one of their most diverse  works to date with a unique feel that only Root can deliver! This is extremely hard to find in it's original format and a proper re-release for this is well overdue.  If ever a band and a release truly deserved the word "CULT". Re-release edition of 2013. Features 11 Minutes of bonus material!
Satanic Warmaster - Fimbulwinter (CD)
-SATANIC MEDIEVAL BLACK METAL! When the northwind ring the funeral bell, endless winter begins. In the war of the great winter, Satanic Warmaster open an attack! Come on! The blackest ones. Come to the battlefield with our Warlord. Includes bonus track "The Return of Darkness and Evil" from Bathory!
Satanic Warmaster - Luciferian Torches (CD)
-Heralding the fateful, inescapable age of imperial darkness, SATANIC WARMASTER, the tyrant of Finnish Black Metal, proclaims an exclusive Zero Dimensional CD release of the trinity of 7-inch curses "Ondskapens Makt/Forgotten Graves", "Winter's Hunger/Torches" and "In Eternal Fire/Ghost Wolves" now bound together under the title “Luciferian Torches”, entwined with unreleased material from the same sessions. These noble, yet unholy laments present SATANIC WARMASTER at his rawest and most impulsive, yet with elegiac melodies summoning forth memories of the past unknown existences of his master, and the conjured demons, captured with a tape recorder according to the ritual tradition of ancient Black Metal. No luxury, but sorrow - no posture, but essence.

Schmerz - Vertigo (CD)
-Second full length. German Depressive/Ambient Black Metal. 
CD comes limited to 500 copies.
Sentimen Beltza - Zulo Beltz Eta Sakon Oonetan (CD)
-Fourth album from Sentimen Beltza, probably the most negative work from the band. Amazing Iberian Unholy Black Metal Art! A perfect mix of Melody And Agression from The Cold Black Haunted Mountain!
Sentimen Beltza - Pagopean (CD)
-"Pagopean" is the fifth album from Sentimen Beltza, one of the leading names of the Spanish scene. 
Melodic, intense, well crafted Black Metal, with an epic sense of melancholy.
Severoth - Winterfall (CD)
-Atmopsheric Ambient Black Metal from the misty depths of Ukraine! Debut album is out! 

Stormstone - Heirs of All Fights (CD)
-Debut full length this Spanish band. Pagan/Black Metal in the vein of early Gorgoroth, Satyricon, Graveland...
Stworz - Cóż po żyznych ziemiach​.​.​. (CD)
-Folk / Pagan Black Metal from Poland.

Sytris - Confessions of the Fall (CD)
-Interesting, Dark and Unique Black Metal!!! Deep, dark atmosphere, great sound and original arrangements. Xaos Oblivion made one of the best vocals in his career! Poetry, chaos, deepression and fall. Recommended for fans of  MGLA & PLAGA...!
Sytris - Koszmar (Digi-CD)
-Second stuff of Sytris! It is a compilation of two new songs (Koszmar I, Koszmar II) and the other two from the first demo of Sytris - "Lost in Eternal Shadows" (songs: Lost in Eternal Shadows, Fall). Almost 27 minutes of interesting and very unique Black Metal. Deep, dark atmosphere, great sound and original arrangements. Another great Black Metal from Poland. A must!. Exclusive digipack CD limited to 666 copies.
Sytris - Stronghold of Wraith (Digi-CD)
-Second breath of Sytris. Nest of malignant spirits. Hideous of murderers. Corridors of dread. Strongold of Wrath. Very interesting and unique Black Metal. Deep, dark atmosphere, great sound and original arrangements. 2nd full album out now!

Taiga - Ashen Light (CD)
Insane Depressive Black metal from Siberia! Lim. to 500 copies!

The Great Old Ones - Tekeli-li (CD)
-THE GREAT OLD ONES’ first album ‘Al Azif’ was hailed as a success by the international press. After appearing in many of 2012’s lists of top albums as well as numerous shows and festivals (HellFest 2013, Roadburn 2014) the band is back in 2014 with an album out of the ordinary. Once again recorded by Cyrille Gachet (YEAR OF NO LIGHT) and mastered by Alan Douches (BARONESS, MOTORHEAD, SEPULTURA, SIGH, THE SECRET) Tekeli-li is a true eye opener. Tekili-li pays homage to H.P. Lovecraft; taking the listener on a breathtaking adventure through the Mountains of Madness.
Thorgerd - Cold Empire Of Souls (CD)
-The debut album from this italian Old School Underground Horde (with member of Orcrist)! Pure Old School Black Metal in the vein of DARKTHRONE's "Transilvanian Hunger", GORGOROTH's "Pentagram"/"Antichrist" and ULVER's "Nattens Madrigal"!!!
Some lirycs was written by MORTIIS! Strictly limited to 300 handnumbered copies!
Thromos - Dematerialisation (CD)
-Fifth full length of this Pure fucking raw and satanic Black Metal from Germany! 
Tobc - Heart of Darkness (CD)
-Great atmospheric hypnotic black metal from Poland.

Total Angels Violence - Death to Death (CD)
-Experimental black metal with dark ambient and 
horror noise elements from Ukraine!
Uada - Devoid of Light (CD)
-From the darkness, UADA (meaning haunted in latin) emerges breathing the spirit of the original 90’s Black Metal wave. Since 2014, this Portland, Oregon four-piece has used a unique approach to combine raw black metal and spectral melodies. “Devoid of Light” rekindles a flame and resurrects spirits from the past in pure blackness. Self-recorded by the band & then mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust). 
Utgard - Brethren Of Wolves (CD)
-Black Metal from the misty lakes and dark woods of Central-Finland! Album consists band's first two demos, two unreleased tracks from debut album's recordings and two live tracks from around 1996.

Velm - Földek (CD)
-Great atmospheric BM from Hungary!
Veneror - Percussimus Foedus cum Morte (CD)
-Debut album. 8 tracks of Serpentine Black Metal from Italy bearing the okkult atmosphere and pride of Necromass, Altar Of Perversion and Mortuary Drape yet with a personal sound! Powerfully recorded and equally aggressive and melodic, Veneror will slit your throat and crush your heart with hands cold as Death itself.
Vidharr - Cryo (CD)
-Second full length of this Roman Black Metal band with Doom influences!

Vrag - Mourningwood (CD)
-Debut full lengthfrom this misanthropic Atmospheric black metal from Hungary.
Waldgefluster – Meine Fesseln (CD)
-Meine Fesseln is a stirring album that embraces a woodland black metal aesthetic, while implementing folk and emotive atmospheres to encourage the listeners thoughts to wander through landscapes where the mist holds court over the land. With a full-arsenal of guest musicians that did guest spots on this album, Meine Fesseln is a very eclectic and mature work of art that yearns for a wider reach.
Waldgeflüster - Herbstklagen (CD)
-Melancholic Black Metal with an individualistic mix of Black Metal and nature-oriented lyrics.
Waldgeflüster - Femundsmarka - Eine Reise in drei Kapiteln (CD)
-Second full length. Moving black metal steeped in emotion and forest wanderlust is what you will find on this excellent release. Close your eyes and escape! Highly Recommended!!!
Waldseel - Herbstgesang und Wintergeist (MCD)
-After two full lengths, demos and split Waldseel return woth their new EP. Great Atmospheric BM from the Lower Saxony.
Wedard - Eiskrieg II (Digi-CD)
-Digipack version limited 666 copies with the Song VI, this is a bonus track from earlier recordings. Atmospheric and Sorrowful BM from Germany!

Wedard - Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit berührt (CD)
-German cold melancholic Black Metal...,Comes in jewel case with 16 pages booklet. 
Wedrujacy Wiatr - Tam, gdzie miesiac oplakuje swit (CD)
-Debut full length of this amazing atmospheric Black Metal band from Poland.
Windstorm - Eternal Gods Forgotten (MCD)
-This two man Band from Greece plays traditional Raw Black Metal in the vein of the 90´s. The music reminds me on the good old days where Black Metal it was not for the masses and the first releases from Gorgoroth. The CD contains five Songs with a playtime 28 Minutes. (limited to 500 items).
Winterhauch - Am Ende stirbt die Hoffnung (Digi MCD)
-First output from this great young Band. Winterhauch plays Depressive 
Black Metal with an atmospheric touch. Their Music creates a cold and melancholic feeling and leads your thoughts in total eclipse. The Mini Album "Am Ende stirbt die Hoffnung" has a Playtime over 25 minutes.
Witcher - Boszorkanytanc (CD)
-Debut full-length. Atmospheric Black Metal 
from the deep Hungarian forests!!!
WitcheR - Csendes Domb (CD)
-New work from a wonderful project from Hungary made in a recognizable on their first album own style. Something harsh, something melancholic, dark and very melodic music should be like to the lovers of atmospheric and depressive black and blackened doom. The lyrics on Hungarian language sounds very fresh and original and tells us about the pain and solitude, hate, philosophy and paganism.
Wolfhowl - The Purity of Mother Nature (MCD)
-Wolfhowl is a greek black metal band which was formed in June of 2009 by Faethon. After a long time, in January of 2012, Wolfhowl released the first EP, "My Return To The Mountains", A year later, in February of 2013, the wolf howled again and a second release came over, "...To The Misty Void", a split-album with another greek black metal band, Nipenthis, In 2016, the third work of the band,"The Purity Of Mother Nature",
Yolwolf - Thorns - horns (CD)
-Music Yolwolf impregnated melodic, successful way combines elements 
of pagan black metal, post black & ambient, folklore music & neoclassic, 
that create a unique atmosphere. The music became more gloomy and heavy! Feel the icy breath beautiful northern nature!
Zorn - Schwarz Metall (digi-CD)
-Terror Black Metal from Germany. Re-released version of debut album
on high quality digipack with "Genickschuss" as bonus track.

Zemial - Nykta (CD)
-One of the most widely respected names in the international metal underground, Greece's ZEMIAL make their long-awaited return to the full-length front with the vast 'n' visual NYKTA. Seven years on from their last album, 2006's towering In Monumentum, ZEMIAL's highly anticipated NYKTA stylistically ranges the band's entire, 25-year history but with bold, new strokes entirely fitting with the band's ever-evolving lyricism.